Our Patriarch William Lawson and the Overmountain Men

7 Oct 1780
Patriots crush Loyalist militia at Battle of Kings Mountain, — Lars D. H. Hedbor (@LarsDHHedbor) October 7, 2019

"On Sept. 13, 1777, at the age of 46, Lawson swore allegiance to the State of Virginia and the American cause as a member of Captain Daniel Trigg’s company of the Montgomery County Militia. This particular company was highly reputed as Indian-fighters, and conducted numerous forays against marauding tribes who were induced to raids by British guns and money.

"Perhaps Lawson’s greatest single moment of personal triumph occurred on Oct. 7, 1780, when he found himself among the Overmountain Men who fairly pinned back the ears of the British in the Battle of King’s Mountain. No doubt his memories of Culloden Moor played some part in his own battle-fury as he sent his bullets flying into the ranks of the surrounded redcoats. It was during this battle that he distinguished himself and received the…

Governor William Maximillian Stone (1603 – 1660)

I recently created an account and began assembling our family tree at FamilySearch and appreciate the work others have done before me.  Once I began filling in names and birth/death dates, FamilySearch sent me clues to others who might be related. I was surprised to find that there is extensive information recorded on the Stone family.

My mother would tell me stories about her family and she often mentioned that the Stones were originally from England and were once very wealthy. Mother preferred her Scottish roots, but she respected her more puritanical Stone heritage. So, you can imagine my surprise when scrolling through the Stone family tree and finding we are reportedly descendants of William Maximillian Stone, who was governor of the colony of Maryland from 1649 -1655.

Here is some information regarding William from Wikipedia:

Early life

William Maximillian Stone was born in Northamptonshire, England.[1]

Business dealings in Virginia Colony

On 15 Sept 1619, William Stone set sail …

Joseph Reece Lawson (1846 - 1909)

Joseph Reece Lawson Co. I 1st KY Cavalry - Civil War - Veteran

The First Kentucky Cavalry, commonly known as “Wolford’s Cavalry, was organized at Camp Dick Robinson, under Colonel Frank Wolford, and mustered into the United States service on the 28th day of October, 1861, The regiment was placed upon active duty and participated in many skirmishes and all the early battles in Kentucky. Acquiring great efficiency as scouts, they were constantly kept at the front.[1]

The 1st Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry was organized at Liberty, Burkeville and Monticello, Kentucky, October, 1861, and mustered in October 28, 1861. Veterans and recruits consolidated to a Battalion of 3 Companies and on duty at various points in Kentucky, operating against guerrillas and quieting country, until September, 1865. The regiment mustered out September 20, 1865.[2]
(Source: Family Search)
The information below is from Find A Grave:

Jan 1846
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA
DEATH 1909 (aged 52–53)

Charles Edward Lawson (6.27.1939 - 5.4.2019)

In Loving Memory …

Charles E. Lawson

Charles Edward Lawson, 79, of Sedalia, passed away Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Fair View Nursing Home in Sedalia.

He was born June 27, 1939 in Longwood, MO, a son of Ace Levi and Esther Ann (Stone) Lawson.

Charles had served in the United States Army and was a member of LifePointe Church. He had worked many years as a road repairman for the City of Sedalia and at one time had worked as a Security Guard for Hayes Wheels now Maxion Wheels in Sedalia. Charles enjoyed playing the guitar and going hunting and fishing.

Survivors include five children, Cindy Rugen (Hersel) of Syracuse, MO, Michael Lawson (Shirley) of Sedalia, MO, Russell Lawson, Sherry Hayes of Sedalia, MO, Chris Lawson (Jenny) of Kansas; many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild; two sisters, Viola Stetzenbach and Bertha Dixon both of Sedalia, MO.

In addition to both of his parents he was preceded in death by three sisters, Marsha Somers, Ethel Geiser, Mary Elv…

Rebecca Lawson

Dear Family,

Additional information regarding Rebecca, the wife of William Lawson (1733–1826) has been posted at Find A Grave Memorial:

BIRTH unknown
Virginia, USA
DEATH 16 Jan 1827
Lawson Confederate Memorial CemeterySnowflake, Scott County, Virginia, USA
MEMORIAL ID 29149094 · View Source
#1 you need to know about Rebecca if you think she was your ancestor: She was not named Rebecca Jane Banks and she did not marry William Lawson in Halifax County, Virginia in 1758. Jane Banks was a different woman married to a different William Lawson.

#2 thing to know:

Researchers of this Lawson ancestor had always assumed that Rebecca was the mother of William Lawson's children. As of January of 2016, a letter was located in a collection belonging to a Wood family researcher of the Virginia-Tennessee area and shared with myself and several others of this Lawson family.

The letter was dated July 6, 1831 and written by Jeremiah Lawson of Brown County, Ohio to Travis Lawson of Morgan County, K…

William Lawson: Finding Our True William

Dear Lawson Family,

It appears there are some questions as to if the William "the rebel" Lawson is our ancestor or if perhaps another William from Scotland is the true patriarch of our family.

I found this note at the William Lawson (1731 - 1826) Wiki Tree Page:

William “Our Scottish Immigrant” Lawson

Birth 26 Jun 1733 Montrose, Angus, Scotland

Death 18 Apr 1826 Snowflake, Scott County, Virginia, USA

Burial Lawson Confederate Memorial Cemetery Snowflake, Scott County, Virginia, USA

Memorial ID 19302244

Please refer to for further information on William Lawson. Many people are still actively researching this ancestor and as of 2017 new data has been found. The LFHP website will be updating this information and sharing it with all on their mailing list. Correcting the information on the website is ongoing.

Please understand there is no disrespect intended to any others who have devoted years of research to this ancestor. To those who paid for his beautiful graves…

Marsha (Lawson) Somers (Late 1970's or Early 1980's)

This is a photo of my mother who went to be with the Lord on New Year's Eve, 1995. This time of the year is bitter sweet as we remember her fight with cancer and know it is good she has been with Lord Jesus these many years, but we still miss her.

'The Dialect of The Appalachian People'

As our patriarch William (the rebel) Lawson was originally from Scotland, banished to America and then eventually settled in Snowflake, Virginia, I thought this article on The Dialect of The Appalachian People by Wylene P. Dial posted at West Virginia Archives and History would be appropriate to feature here. 


The dialect spoken by Appalachian people has been given a variety of names, the majority of them somewhat less than complimentary. Educated people who look with disfavor on this particular form of speech are perfectly honest in their belief that something called The English Language, which they conceive of as a completed work - unchanging and fixed for all time - has been taken and, through ignorance, shamefully distorted by the mountain folk.

The fact is that this is completely untrue. The folk speech of Appalachia instead of being called corrupt ought to be classified as archaic. Many of the expressions heard throughout the region today can be found …

Fond Memories and a Prayer...

I don't remember ever seeing this family photo before, but after receiving it in the mail from my cousin yesterday, many fond memories have been going through my mind... I remember as a child thinking my father was the most handsome man in the world and my mother the kindest woman on earth. I also remember crawling over pillows my mother had placed around me (as a barricade?) to get to my brothers who were playing with toy army men. Sadly, they didn't appreciate my company as I remember knocking over their battle scene. :)

I love my parents - mom went to be with the Lord in 1995 and Dad is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. A few months ago he told me I worried about him too much and that he has lived a good life. He then assured me he is in the Lord's care... I truly hope so.

Thank You, dear Lord, for the family I was born into. Please watch over my brothers and their loved ones. I sincerely pray that we will all be with mother in Heaven, and please keep my father i…

Scotland's Forgotten History

As our family roots originate in Scotland, I think it might be helpful for us to learn more of its forgotten history. Here is a link to two brief videos that will eventually become a series of Scotland's Forgotten History. I hope you'll enjoy them and develop a love and connection to our Lawson heritage. It's one of bravery and heroism. We are connected by blood to a noble people.

Scotland's Forgotten History Trailer from Scotland's Forgotten History on Vimeo.

Our Need for Revival Today

Our Need for Revival Today from Scotland's Forgotten History on Vimeo.